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Wayside Inn's Journal

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

11:33AM - Reeve

The night was cold, drafty, and damp. Outside of the inn, Reeve Anlok was standing in his cloak, staring up at the stars. His breath could be seen drifting from his lips as he sighed. He was facing the inn looking up, in good view of those in the rooms, and even anyone outside. He looked to be in a trance with the flickering stars. His gaze almost seemed lost in the darkness of the night sky, as if he were being held by the sight of his past. No, he didn't seem sad, but the memories that caused the pain he's carried with him for all the years all seemed to be flooding back.

In another time with a night with a sky much like the one Reeve looked on now, a younger Reeve, probably about 7 or 8, was walking with his family from a local inn. They were a family of wanders, of just his older brother who took care of his family, about 22, his older sister, maybe 12 and his mom was. She seemed allot older than she was. But strong nonetheless. So many things had gone wrong in the past in Reeve's life. His father died when he was but two years old, and without a steady source of income, the family had to live as gypsies would...wandering. This night stood out to the young Reeve. It was his birthday, though no one noticed. There wasn't a single happy birthday from his family. Even at so young an age, he understood the reasons why he couldn't have a celebrated birthday. It was just about impossible. But of course...it was understandable. Either way...it still hurt not really having a birthday, worse...not having a father, not knowing or remembering your father. Everyone was too busy to even tell him about his father. These were scars Reeve had to live with though, and he did. He kept quiet also; one would no doubt feel pity for this young child.

The family now passed a few buildings, headed back to their little caravan. When they arrived, Reeve was already climbing into their family wagon when a scream shot out from the other end of the small village they were at. Then the sky lit up in flames. Or so it seemed to the young boy. Everything happened so fast. The ground looked to become set up in flames with the now falling buildings, all of which were burning to cinders.
"Xavier! Load up Alexia and Reeve! Get them out of here!" Reeve could hear his mother scream out orders as large, opposing horses started galloping in. "Xavier! Now!"
"No mother! You get in!" Xavier quickly got his mother into the wagon along with Alexia, then pushed the wagon horses into motion "Go! Drive!"
The riders seemed demonic, their horses no better. Undead they were, both horse and rider, but Reeve only saw the creatures mounted on horses as monsters...but the details of his memories were distinct as ever. He saw his brother rush out, a nearby weapon taken up in hand. He saw his brother fight bravely...Xavier took several of the undead creatures off their mounts, but they all seemed to take arms once again, standing to their feet and flanking Xavier. Reeve's brother continued to fight, but the warriors continued to pour in. Reeve could hear his brother yell, he could see a few of what looked to be his brother's limbs, thrown into the air...it was all too fast, no one could tell. No one saw but Reeve.
"No!" Reeve's eyes filled with tears as he watched on in terror as wagon began its escape. "Xavier! No." Reeve cried as hard as he seemed to be able to. There was nothing he could do...again...he could do nothing. He was just a kid. All of it escaped his wishes...he wanted it to stop...he wanted his brother back. He knew Xavier was dead and he saw it all.
Spare troops were rushing after Reeve's wagon, yelping like demons from Hell. Their eyes seemed to be burning with flames; their skin deteriorated to the point bone could be seen. They were gaining quite rapidly too. Then the wagon Reeve and the others were in hit a pothole. Alexia went flying out, landing on the ground.
"Alexia!" Reeve's mom was the first to cry out, because Alexia was up front with her.
"Alexia!?" Reeve stared in horror at the ground. Alexia rolled just in front of the pursuing horses. "NO!" The horses trampled the young girl. She screamed for Xavier...Reeve...her mother, and even her father's name. Her screaming all stopped though as the life was ripped from her.
"Alexia!" Reeve's mother leapt out of the wagon, rushing toward her daughter. But she couldn't get there...the advancing soldiers got to her first, surrounded her, and mutilated her.
"Mother!" Reeve yelled for his mom, but he didn't move. He stayed where he was, his eyes flooding with tears. He lost his family...all of it gone so suddenly. What reason did this young 8-year-old have left to live? What reason? He knew nothing else...suicide isn't even in his vocabulary. So, the wagon that was now rushing off into the distance carried Reeve. This was the day he lost all of his childhood. This...his eighth birthday...this was his first day of the rest of his long life.

Time passed as it always did, and Reeve had grown up into an outstanding young man. Now, in the memory that the older Reeve now recalled was an even more distinct memory. Always, his life seemed so horribly wrong, but for some reason, he couldn't help but find this memory one of his "best". There he stood walking along a lake with a very beautiful girl.
"Reeve...you know my parents don't like you. Why do you persist on trying to get their approval of you?" The girl was extremely beautiful. Here eyes, such a crystal clear blue, and her hair, long, flowing, and brunette in color. Her figure was very well balanced and proportional in so many ways, and her lips, just a light pink, but a rose pink. When she smiled, it was more than heart warming to any soul, it was as if with the smile, her eyes reflected the sight of heaven. There was no way to explain how she looked; she was perfect.
"Why...? Because...well...how should I know? I respect your parents, Elizabeth. You mean so much to me...I want them to know that, and I want them to understand it." Reeve was quite the handsome young man. He wasn't the GREATEST looking guy, but you know...he was average. It wasn't really his looks that Elizabeth fell in love with. It was his charm. He was such a good person; he never lied to her, he was always there for her as at least a friend, and when they progressed to a more serious relationship, he took it slow, and was perfect about the things she wanted in the relationship. But still, some were jealous that such a beautiful girl would fall for such an average guy. Though they didn't understand how far from average Reeve really was. That's one of the things he loved about Elizabeth. She understood everything that went on in his life, and she even took him back to the village where his family died. It was a fear of his to go back, but he managed it with Elizabeth at his side. But recently, their relationship seemed to slowly go downhill from outside stresses.
"Reeve...they don't want us married, nor do anyone else. It will be hard, but if we kept our relationship a sec-..." Elizabeth started, but Reeve cut her off.
"Elizabeth..." Reeve stopped with Elizabeth, took her hands, and faced her, "I love you with all my heart, you know that. I don't want our relationship a secret. I won't let your parents, or the others to get in our way, I promise you. I will always be by your side, I will always be the one you can trust."
"Reeve.... I know...but..." Elizabeth looked away.
"But what?" Reeve took his hand and brought it up to Elizabeth's chin, pulling lightly to direct her gaze back at him, "Elizabeth...you have your doubts, I know...I sometimes doubt things too, but I never doubt my love for you. Don't worry about anything...please. I've got everything handled...I'll take care of everything for you." Reeve smiled, but Elizabeth turned from him, walking off a couple of feet.
"That's just it Reeve, you're taking care of too much. You're working so hard. Trying to make a living and having a relationship with me are fine...but at the same time, you're helping a town with your abilities...that resent you. They all think you're an outcast Reeve, and my parents are even beginning to hate me for loving you." Reeve walked up behind Elizabeth as she spoke, and wrapped his arms around her waist, "Everyday is a struggle for both of us, Reeve, and you and I both know it. There are those who would want you dead, did you know that? They would do anything to hurt you...even target me...our future family." Elizabeth turned in Reeve's arms, looking up at him with tears forming in her eyes, "Reeve...we can't live like this. Please...quit trying to handle 'everything'," Her voice began to get shaky, "Reeve, you're not a super hero...you're strong, but you can't do everything."
Reeve sighed, and kissed Elizabeth's forehead softly, "Elizabeth, please, I don't need you telling me how to live my-"
Elizabeth pulled away from Reeve, "Reeve, stop it...Your attitude has pushed us far apart recently. You aren't invincible Reeve, no one is, and you're not all powerful. You've grown arrogant over the years, and I can't take it anymore. Reeve...I'm leaving, and this time, I'm not going to come back to you."
Reeve stared at Elizabeth in shock, frowned, and sighed, "Elizabeth...please...just give me a second-" Elizabeth cut Reeve off again, before he could finish.
"A second chance? I can't do that Reeve. You've been given too many second chances. I'm out of chances to give you...it's over..." Elizabeth turned, and ran off into the surrounding forest.
Reeve felt weak in the knees, but he stood tall, trying to look unaffected. Inside he was torn apart, his heart ripped out. This was the woman he wanted to marry; she was his life. He threw it all away, and now...now he had to start all over again. What another good birthday...his nineteenth.

And then, several memories later, and a few years in between, Reeve was in the now. He was still staring at the stars, and then he looked down quietly at his hand. His fingers were closed around something, and slowly he opened his palm. In his hand was a candle, A single candle that seemed to be very old.
"Happy twenty-forth, Reeve..." Reeve sighed and engraved the number '24' in the candle's wax, "It's been Hell..." Reeve dropped the candle to the ground, and looked up to the inn, heading back in quietly.

Monday, November 11, 2002

9:11PM - And the story continues!

[19:19:17] ?Aurora Firas?: **Aurora glanced up from her meade only
momentarily as he sat down, and Nicodemus's throat rumbled in a sort of "off limit's" greeting. ((I really love this little guy ^_^)) She listened politely during his correction of her actions, and put in before his joke, "No...I wasn't aware of your family situation....I just met you tonight..."**She went back to placidly sipping upon her drink, and doing a much better job of containing any winces or
flinches she might experience**

**Nicodemus snapped at Cynen playfully when told to "Sic 'im," but did
indeed, to Aurora's suprise, take off running after Illian, making little chirping noises that sounded like the cross between a bird and dog.**
[19:22:22] Cynen DeVales: Cynen looked playfully surprised when Nicodemus actually listened to him and laughed at the little dragon sped off across the floor. "He's a real character, isn't he?"
[19:24:26] ?Aurora Firas?: "...You have no idea..."
She watched silently as the dragon jestingly nipped at the heals of the
bartender. After a good time of letting Nicodemus and Cynen have their fun,Aurora clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth, obediently
signaling the little dragon, who never seemed to tire, to come back. He did so without hesitation, and sprung onto her lap again.
[19:24:38] Cynen DeVales: Cy suddenly knitted his brow. "I thought healers never drank alcohol after healing because it hurt?"
[19:25:19] ?Aurora Firas?: **She patted her pet's scaly head gently** .."I'm almost through...I didn't have much."
[19:26:17] ?Aurora Firas?: "He drank some, after all..." **She sat her glass on the floor by her chair, and placed the animal next to it...having gotten quite the workout, he began slurping up the contents of the cup greedily**
[19:26:36] Cynen DeVales: He shrugged lightly at her and closed his eyes in thought for a second, then smiled as an orange tabby cat walked out from behind the chair and hopped into his lap. "How about I get you something a little less potent? I wouldn't want you to get hurt."
[19:29:06] Cynen DeVales: "Illian!" he called, "how about a cup of Juwia's Special for the lady?" He nodded as Illian shot him a thumbs up.
[19:29:39] ?Aurora Firas?: "Pardon?" She turned her gaze upon Cynen again to give him a questioning look.
[19:32:06] Cynen DeVales: He relaxed backwards and stroked the cat, who had curled up in his lap and was purring. "Juwia is a wine maker from Icemule Trace. She makes the best wine and ale you've ever tasted. Her special,however, is even better - and there's no alcohol to dull the senses.
[19:32:12] Cynen DeVales: No one knows whats actually in it. I think its the float from the top of the barrels she ferments her wine in, but whatever it is, its good.
[19:33:35] Cynen DeVales: "
[19:34:57] ?Aurora Firas?: "I see..." The girl turned her gaze back to the fire and sighed, as Nicodemus smacked his lips up at her. She smiled down at him and patted his head, then reached farther to grab up the cup. She pushed herself to her feet, still a bit unsteady as the healing process was actually continuing for some reason beyond her...and went to place the glass back on the bar top.
[19:36:17] Cynen DeVales: Cy watched her stand and shifted so he could stand and catch her quickly. "Are you allright?"
[19:37:58] ?Aurora Firas?: She glanced at him again and ventured away from
him. "Fine, thank you."
[19:38:43] Cynen DeVales: Cy nodded skeptically and leaned back against his chair and closed his eyes. The cat on his lap hopped off and padded silently along behind Aurora.
[19:41:02] ?Aurora Firas?: **Deciding rather on the spur of the moment thatshe needed something from her saddle bags, she absently mindedly let Illian know where she was going before stepping outside. A gust of wind hit her face, but she payed it little mind, just pulling her cloak somewhat closer around her. Nicodemus scampered ahead of her and of course, indulging himself in another game of "nip-at-the-heels-of-random-people-things," he began teasing her horse. She
shoo'ed him when she got close enough and began sifting through one of the saddle bags after unlatching it...but she really wasn't sifting through it purposefully at all. She just needed it to look like she was**
[19:42:28] Cynen DeVales: Cynen adjusted the ring on ihs finger,
absentmindedly, feeling it pulse. The cat followed AUrora outside, poking around in the bust and playing with a small weed it found near her*
[19:43:59] ?Aurora Firas?: **Aurora breathed in and out heavily for a few minutes, leaning her forehead against the saddle bag...thinking...regaining her composure..praying...and the like. When she felt she was right enough for the time being, she pulled a carrot out of the bag and offered it to the horse, which he too excepted rather greedily**
[19:44:43] Cynen DeVales: The cat looked up and cocked its head, walking over to AUrora and rubbing itself against her legs gently, a bright blue glow forming at the tip of its nose*
[19:46:52] ?Aurora Firas?: She reached down and picked up the cat and lookedinto its eyes.
She caught notice of the blue light on its nose and muttered under her
breath, tossing the cat carefully back down to the ground. She put her hands on her hips and examined the cat from a distance.
"Really, Lord De Vale...if you felt the need to spy on me, you could have done it yourself...instead of sending a cat to do the work for you."
[19:48:10] Cynen DeVales: *the cat walked up to her and purred again,
rubbing itself against her legs. In her mind, Aurora heard a gentle voice,
"I'm not spying on you, Miss Firas. I was concerned, and my familiar is
easier for me to control than getting up at this point."
[19:49:02] ?Aurora Firas?: Aurora rolled her eyes. "Of course. However, why you are concerned over a stranger, I will never know."
[19:51:51] Cynen DeVales: The cat backed away from Aurora, and slowly began shifting its shape. As it did, she heard his voice in her mind again.
"Something about you strikes me, Miss Firas. You helped a stranger at great pain to yourself. YOu don't seem to be a professional healer, and asked no money for your services,although if you would like repayment, i will gladly provide the silver." As she watched the cat, it became a falcon,slowly, and then cocked its head at her and took off, coming to rest atop the porch roof above her.
[19:53:15] ?Aurora Firas?: She kept her eye wearily upon the falcon. "I do not require payment for what I do."
[19:56:09] Cynen DeVales: He replied to her again, "And that is what strikes
me about you, Miss Firas. You remind me of my sister, Riley. Of myself too, not to be arrogant. You help others for no apparent reason. You make me very curious." She noticed as he spoke to her in her mind that the voicegradually became stronger, until she realized that he was in fact, standing behind her, his cloak wrapped tightly around him.
[19:58:12] ?Aurora Firas?: When she finally grasped his new change in
location, she turned to half face him, head tilted so she could clearly see him through both eyes. "I help others because they need it, and it is the job I do. I'm sure it is the same with you."
[19:59:59] ?Aurora Firas?: "I help where I am needed...I know little else.Which, I'm sure is a difference between me and you. You see of the type that knows the world backward and forward."
[20:01:09] Cynen DeVales: He smiled as the falcon flew down and landed on his shoulder. "I don't know why I help others. It just seems.. right. Although, from what you say I doubt you care, you have gained many admirers in this inn tonight. Many friends who can be very helpful at times...I urge you to explore that avenue." He leaned his head against the bird, which reached its wing aout and seemed to wrap it around his head almost lovingly.
"I only know of the world because of the friends I have and the travels I make to help others."
[20:01:09] *** Your previous message has not been sent. Reason: Maximum
length exceeded.
[20:01:17] Cynen DeVales: He smiled as the falcon flew down and landed on
his shoulder. "I don't know why I help others. It just seems.. right.
Although, from what you say I doubt you care, you have gained many admirers
in this inn tonight. Many friends who can be very helpful at times...I urge
you to explore that avenue."
[20:01:21] Cynen DeVales: He leaned his head against the bird, which reached
its wing aout and seemed to wrap it around his head almost lovingly. "I only
know of the world because of the friends I have and the travels I make to
help others."
[20:03:48] ?Aurora Firas?: "I am sorry I can't take to creating
relationships with others. It didn't get me very far in the past. And I
care...I just care not to show it. It helps...when certain situations come along...." **she glanced down from him for a moment as she thought, another gust of wind blowing past**
[20:05:57] Cynen DeVales: He smiled sympathetically at her and lowered his eyes. "I understand, Miss Firas. I understand all too well." He offered his hand to her, which was no longer glowing at all. "Come, let us go inside where its not as cold."
[20:08:36] ?Aurora Firas?: She glanced upon his hand and from there back up to his face. "Let me just...cover my horse first, please. I will be in in a moment." She did, however, refrain from letting him leave empty handed, by swifting catching up her scaly friend and handing him over to Cynen. "Take him in for me? He'll just get himself into trouble out here."
[20:09:38] Cynen DeVales: He laughed lightly. "I can imagine." He looked her in the eyes suddenly, the falcon on his shoulder flapping off into the sky.
"Are you sure you're ok?"
[20:10:34] ?Aurora Firas?: Aurora let a faint smile come across her lips.
"I'm fine." She nodded her head in emphasis.
[20:11:25] Cynen DeVales: *he nodded and turned, pulling the dragon under his cloak a little to keep it warm, and walked back through the door*
[20:13:22] ?Aurora Firas?: Her eyes watched him leave as her hand began to find its way up the horse's flanks and back into the saddle bag. When she was sure he was inside, she turned her attention fully back to Zephyr ((horse)) and removed one of the blankets she had for him. Usually, it would have been easy enough just to cast a spell to keep him warm, but at this point she felt she wasn't able for that just yet. For in truth, her magical abilities did reach beyondjust healing.
[20:13:46] Cynen DeVales: *the piercing call of a falcon came from above her*
[20:14:14] ?Aurora Firas?: Her eyes darted up to the bird as she was pulling the blanket securely over her steed.
[20:14:41] Cynen DeVales: *the bird entered into a steep dive and slammed into a rising pheasant, dragging it to the ground*
[20:15:27] ?Aurora Firas?: A smirk tugged on her lips as she went back to her work, clipping the blanket from underneath the horse so it wouldn't fall or blow off.
[20:16:51] Cynen DeVales: *cy sat down inside, snuggling to the warmth of the fireplace, his cloak he pulled from his shoulders and let hang on the chair. Nicodemus he let sit in his lap and chuckled as Taylin, his familiar,having returned to the form of the cat, touched its glowing blue nose to Nicodemus's*
[20:19:36] ?Aurora Firas?: Aurora looked up again when her small task was done, and in remembrance of events that caught her memory, she softly touched her fingers to her neck, and swallowed. However, letting those memories hopefully remain outside, she stalked back into the inn, having to firmly shut the door behind her.
[20:20:53] Cynen DeVales: He looked up seeing her enter and waved to her from his seat, a small platter having appeared between where the two of them had been sitting, containing cheese, crackers, and two pints of ale.
[20:22:03] ?Aurora Firas?: She retook her place in the chair beside him,leaning back with a heavy sigh, and slouching slightly, letting her cape cover her for the most part.
[20:23:08] Cynen DeVales: Cynen looked at her concernedly and took a sip of his ale, proclaimed it good, and took a hearty swallow. "You seem...hm...I don't know...You don't seem happy."
[20:23:47] ?Aurora Firas?: She stared at the fire blankly. "I don't recall the last time I was honest to Dios, incredibly, sincerely happy."
[20:25:30] Cynen DeVales: He stroked Nicodemus with one hand, playing with the little guy's spines. "Why is that, Miss Firas?"
[20:26:20] ?Aurora Firas?: "Been too...preoccupied, I suppose you could say. Do you remember the last time you were truly happy?"
[20:27:22] Cynen DeVales: Cynen gulped visibly and let out a muffled
"yeah..", then seemed to recover. "Howso preoccupied?"
[20:28:25] ?Aurora Firas?: Aurora's suddenly curious gaze skipped to him with a smirk. "Lots of things. And you seem to remember your time awful clearly. Would you like to share?"
[20:29:44] Cynen DeVales: He lowered his eyes and pressed two fingers to his brow, above his eyes. "Memories are painful, Miss Firas."
[20:31:18] ?Aurora Firas?: "Of course they are. And thus proves why I have no happy ones." She got to her feet rather matter-of-factly and went to discuss with the innkeeper whether or not there were rooms available or not,for if there weren't, she felt it better to get on the road now, to find a place to stay before...too late.
[20:32:45] Cynen DeVales: Cynen sighed heavily and leaned back, muttering "I guess I shouldn't have said that..". He closed his eyes for awhile, stroking Taylin.
[20:34:47] ?Aurora Firas?: Aurora returned a few minutes later. "Actually, what you said had complete truth to it. Nothing wrong in stating the truth." She sniffled and examined the key to the room she had rented for the night."Come Nicodemus." She held out an arm as she tried to make heads or tails of the room number, and he lept onto her extended appendage and scurried up to
her shoulder instantly.
[20:37:04] Cynen DeVales: Cynen looked up to her and his face showed his obvious trial to hold his composure. "The last time I was truely happy was before the Dragon War. When I was with my family. My mother, my father, my two brothers, and my sister. I can remember that day like it was yesterday. I loved them, they loved me...they died in those wars. All of them. I was the only survivor..and thats where I got teh scar.."
[20:38:24] ?Aurora Firas?: Her forest green eyes looked up from her trials to decipher the number on the key. "What scar?" She was suddenly intrigued on how much more alike they had seemed to become from just that explination of his life...summed up of course.
[20:40:45] Cynen DeVales: "The one on my back, that I showed you earlier tonight. ((reference: firestars, AUgust 29th)) And your room is on the 3rd floor, room two. Up the stairs, first on the left. Its just below my little haunt up in the garret."
[20:42:29] ?Aurora Firas?: She looked at her key again, then back at him.
"How you figured that out...I'll never know. And actually, Lord De Vale...we *are* indeed more alike than I had previously concluded."
[20:44:06] Cynen DeVales: He chuckled again. "Illian likes to code things weird. The 2 means the second set of stairs, or the third floor to you and me. The 1 means to go left. The second 1 means first door. 211 = Third floor, 1st door on the left." He sighed and looked at her. "You lost family too, I take it?"
[20:45:05] ?Aurora Firas?: "That, and I have my own set of battle
scars...and thank you for the coding lesson. I'll keep that in mind from now on."
[20:45:52] Cynen DeVales: He narrowed his eyes and thought for a second. "I didn't notice any.."
[20:48:02] ?Aurora Firas?: Sighing lightly, she reached up carefully to
unpin the brooch on her neck. From there, she unbuttoned just the back of her dress enough so she could roll down the high neck. She pulled up her hair ontop of her head momentarily and let him look. About her neck was quite the array of scars...thick, thin..so forth.
[20:48:33] ?Aurora Firas?: "...I hide my scars quite frequently..."
[20:48:42] Cynen DeVales: He winced. "Do.. you mind telling me what
[20:49:26] ?Aurora Firas?: She released her hair so it fell back about her shoulders. "I was trying to protect my little sister from a man...I wasn't very successful."
[20:50:48] Cynen DeVales: He nodded to her and lowered his eyes. "I

7:06PM - My Turn

Cynen kept his eyes closed, despite the realization that someone was snapping fingers over his face. He wasn't too happy at this point, finding himself laying on a couch, when he last remembered being on the floor.

At least the Eldar is gone, he thought to himself, I hope they found a cleric in time.

He sighed and opened his eyes, blinking a few times to get used to the lighting of the Inn again and sat up. His head immediately became woozy and he rested it in his hands for a few seconds, clearing it.

Cynen stood, wobbly for a second, then regained his stance and bearings as his mind compensated for the powerful spell he had just used. He blinked yet again and looked around, spotting Reeve, who looked to be fine, although a bit miffed, and Aurora, who looked just plain pissed off.

With a short stride to make sure his balance was still there, Cynen brushed across the room towards Reeve. He came up behind him and rested a hand on the man's shoulder.

"You're very lucky, Mr..?"

Reeve glanced to his right and replied, "How so?"

Cynen narrowed his eyes. "That demon.. there are not many of that kind, that power, around. You could've been pulled to another plane quite easily," he said softly, referencing what many would refer to as hell as "another plane".

Reeve sipped his water. "I probably could have. Why do you think it came from me?"

"I don't think it came from you, but it did seem to be following you for some purpose. Eldar Demons do not do anything without a reason," Cynen said softly.

Reeve glanced at his water again. "I know they don't..."

Cynen shook his head and sighed. "You obviously have your reasons for keeping to yourself as well. Next time, Mr Anlok," he smiled gently, the hand on Reeve's shoulder glowing a bit brighter as he pulled the name from the man's mind. "Please do not bring a demon in here. Yell for help or what have you, but do not bring a battle to this place. We keep it safe for children for a reason."

That being said, Cynen turned away from Reeve and walked towards Aurora. With a small sigh, he took a seat near her, letting himself be warmed by the blazing fire. "Miss Firas.. thank you for your efforts. You probably saved that man's life."

He sighed again and clasped his hands in front of him, leaning forward. "Although I thank you for your efforts on my behalf, please don't use spells to try and speed my recovery from using magic."

He looked up at her, directly into her eyes, smiling again as he noticed Nicodemus on his way up.

"I'm not sure if you've heard much about my family. We're natural mages, and being such, spells that would help a taught mage to recover from a spell only hurt me."

He reached over and patted the little dragon's head, then glanced upwards as Illian, the bartender, and Salius, another mage, came over to him.

"Are you all right, Cy?" Illian asked, offering him a large glass of ale.

Cy nodded, taking the ale. "I'm fine. Just a bit.. spelled." He chuckled at his own joke, as Illian, Aurora, and Salius all groaned.

"I see your sense of humor's still intact," Salius offered.

"It will never die," Cy replied, chuckling.

Illian shook his head and turned around to go back to the bar, muttering, "damn..thats too bad."

Cynen laughed and glanced to Nicodemus. "Sic 'im, boy!"

As Salius shook his head and turned to go too, Cynen returned his gaze to Aurora. "You're a fairly expirienced healer, I see...perhaps you and I should talk. I've been trying to find a traveled healer to accompany myself and the rest of my group on our travels about the lands.."

4:52PM - ((Oh man...that was rich. Hehehehehe...Jacob, you crack me up XP ))

While Reeve was so carefully relocating Aurora from chair to couch, Nicodemus's tail flung from its position covering his nose, and slapped hard against Reeve's wrist, which all in all, probably would not have made much of a difference since his tail isn't big enough, and hadn't gathered enough force, to make the blow actually hurt. The little dragon, however, did continue to eye Reeve suspiciously from his narrowed topaz eyes and a little growl rumbled in his throat as Reeve began practicing his speeches. Shifts in the man's position especially were observed from the dragon's spot on the woman's lap, and if Reeve got anywhere close enough to Aurora that Nicodemus thought was too close...

...and one of those occasions just so happened to reveal itself while Reeve was practicing his speeches. And Nicodemus, being the over-protective type his was, hissed at Reeve, and let his sharp little teeth get a hold of the man's fingers, telling him quite efficiently to "Back off." He packs quite a punch for such a little guy.

Reeve Anlok says:
In the middle of one of his speeches, his hand did wander down from his side, which sorta coulda seemed close to Aurora. Then he broke off at a feeling that seemed to start off in his ears for some reason. It was as if his ears felt like shooting off his head from pain. Reeve's hand was bitten, pretty hard too.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! >_<" Reeve pulled his hand away from the dragon, and as a reaction of anger, he smacked the dragon with quite a bit of force. Prolly enough to throw it across the room. "Damn dragon!" Reeve stood up and stared at the dragon, holding his hand in pain. There was a bit of blood of course.

†Aurora Firas† says:
**And what Reeve didn't know...was that Aurora had awoken the moment Nicodemus had hissed at Reeve. Her muscles clenched seeing her beloved pet smacked across the room, and while Reeve's back was to her she got to her feet, pushing her wavy hair ((which I have decided is now ebony-ish colored, vs sepia)) out of her face and letting her lively eyes "burn a hole" into Reeve's back from the glare. Her jaw tightened and she let out a low, agitated sigh..** ...Would you like to see how that feels...? I'm sure it harbors the same amount of pain for a man as it does a dragon...

Reeve Anlok says:
~Reeve sighed looking down at his hand, then hearing Aurora's voice he slowly turned around~ ....o_o.....Uh......you're awake....^_^;;; Heh....sorry about that...@_@ He bit me though...

†Aurora Firas† says:
And you just threw him fifty feet. Hard. And he's at least seven times SMALLER than you are. Don't you dare try to talk me into justifying your actions. **Giving him another heavy glare, she grabbed up her skirts and strode past him to first, pick up her dragon, which now had quite the massive headache. She picked the little animal up into her arms, and he recovered rather quickly afterwards, scrambling up to perch upon her shoulder.**

Reeve Anlok says:
@_@ Ugh...this wasn't suppose to happen...~Reeve scatched his head, mumbling this to himself~ What is your problem Reeve? Can't do anything right can you? Blah..........not fair....~Reeve shook his head lightly and sighed, walking over to her and the dragon~ I apologize, little one..~he spoke to the dragon first~ I didn't mean to hit you, it was just a reaction...and I'm sorry for whatever I did to make you bite me. I won't let it happen again.

Ma'am...~Reeve looked up to Aurora~ I apologize for attacking your dragon like that. It was pretty stupid of me, so....sorry...

†Aurora Firas† says:
**Nicodemus growled in response. Aurora sighed, and marched to have a look over Lord De Vale, seeing as how he hadn't come to yet. Some of the locals had placed him on one of the other couches, and she took some time out, while ignoring Lord Anlok, to snap her fingers in front of his face, and try to wake him up...she eventually gave in to just letting him rest, and walked to the bar, requesting some emerald meade...**

Reeve Anlok says:
~Reeve had already made his way over to the bar, and was sitting a few chairs away from Aurora. But for some reason after Aurora sat down, the others got up and left the bar, leaving a clear shot to Reeve~ I'll take some Dragonsbane please........what? Out...um...okay...I'll take......water I guess...~Reeve sighed and nodded a thanks to the bar keep~

†Aurora Firas† says:
**Aurora noticed their sudden departure, and even glanced to her sides, ever so slightly, to view them, and not HIM. She thought this game was getting rather old, rather fast. She let Nicodemus drink a bit out of her glass, then took a slight sip herself, which made her wince, remembering it wasn't good to drink alcohol so soon after performing a Healing such as she had. She grumbled a bit and got up from her stool, wandering over to sit in one of the larger chairs by the fireplace. Nicodemus placed himself right back in her lap after she sat down, and she continued sipping at her drink, despite any pain it might cause**

Sunday, November 10, 2002

11:33PM - ((MY TURN! BOW BEFORE ME FOOLISH MOR- ~coughs cough~ Blah...I need to work on that))

Reeve slowly awoke after being healed. He glanced about the room slowly, staring at the faces and those looking at him if any. Then he turned his attention to the woman that healed him.

She was unconcious, obviously. But...o_o...wow...she was hot. His thoughts wandered a bit, as would any man's, but on the outside, he kept cool, collected, his eyes keeping well what he was thinking. Of course, it wasn't anything nasty, it was more of an admiration for the woman. She seemed to have possessed so much power, and at the same time such a beauty he had never seen before. He looked every detail of her face over. Her lips, they seemed so perfect to him.....wait a second, he was getting carried away again. But this woman sorta saved his life just about....he owed her something. Of course he would thank her when she awoke, but at the moment, there wasn't any way for him to do that.

Reeve looked her over some more. My, how beautiful he thought she was. He thought her to be sleeping very soundly, though how she was sleeping did seem a bit uncomfortable. So, to improve how she slept, he slowly walked over to her. He took note of the little dragon, and very carefully he lifted the woman and the dragon out of the chair as not to disturb either of them. Very smoothly, almost fluid like, he walked over to a nearby couch and rested the woman on it softly.

After several minutes had passed, Reeve began to get bored waiting, and started practicing a thank you speech. Of course, by now, everyone was about their buisness again, so Reeve wasn't in the spotlight any longer. But every now and then he could feel the eyes of someone drop onto him, speaking to himself it seemed.
"Oh....you're awake. Good evening, ma'am. I am Reeve Anlok....errr...No, that won't work." Reeve continued trying different speeches, "Ah! Welcome back. I am Reeve Anlok. I do believe you saved my life? You see...I ha-..." Reeve stopped himself, "No...I shouldn't tell anyone yet what I am...I feel unable to trust anyone here. She is different though...maybe she can help me later on..........hmmm...." Reeve thought for a moment, then finally, he continued on thinking up speeches, "Hello, I'm Reeve...."

10:05PM - ((Bleh...I just have nothing better to do))

As minutes passed, Aurora faded off into an unconcious haze like that of the men lying on the ground, though from the way she had positioned herself, with her head resting on her hand, it was had to determine whether she was sleeping, or out from the effects of the wounds healing inside her. ((looonngg run on sentence))

As the magic she possessed began to weave back together the wounds formly "belonging" to Reeve, her clouded mind began to see images...images connected to each and every one of the wounds being healed. Most of the things she saw were violent, harsh, upsetting, and rather...gross...but being "asleep," reaction to what she saw was limited. She did, however, began to lean more heavily upon the table her chair was placed near. she began to get whisps of pictures in her mind that she couldn't trace, or couldn't clearly see the faces of the persons involved in whatever flashes of actions were happening.

Her hand not holding up her head, flexed, then clenched lightly...and the ring she had excepted from Lord De Vale, placed on her finger, shimmered slightly in the dim lighting of the inn. Nicodemus gurgled lightly from his throat, and ran circles around the legs of her chair, before scaling the seat to curl up in the young woman's lap. He chirped lightly, nudging his little snout against her hand, and when she didn't respond to him, he whimpered and draped the end of his cerulean tail of his nose, hiding his face from the world.

Friday, November 8, 2002

4:29PM - ((I almost forgot I was apart of this >_<....how sad. Sowwy!.))

The events of the next few moments came about so fast for Aurora, it was almost inconcievable. One moment she was having a pleasantly sassy conversation with Lord De Vale, and the next that said man, and a new comer were on the floor, one unconcious, and the other at the utmost least, sincerely fatigued.

When the demon and the man had first entered the complex, Nicodemus had been on his little feet, back arched, and hissing. Aurora had to clasp a firm hand over the tiny dragon's mouth while fixing her eyes on the sight, but even then a fizzy sound still managed to make its way out of the animal's mouth. When told to get down with the others in the inn, the curly brown haired young woman forgot to move, almost as if she thought she knew better. She and Nicodemus sat as they were at the table, her expression black, and his little eyes beady.

She was effected little when the spell was cast by De Vale causing time to slow, and did interest herself in the task of looking about towards all those affected. She rose to her feet, facing the "Innocents" of the room and looking their faces over, with the range of emotions being limitless. Nicodemus lept from her lap as she stood and scampered off in some random direction, disapearing into the shadows. She turned back to face the scene the mass of eyes were concentrating upon.

Eventually came about the time in which the body of the demon dissolved before the very eyes of the occupants of the inn, but its soul remained. Unfortunately for Aurora, as much as she wanted to help, there was little she could do. When Cynen began to shout orders, she turned around and repeatedly them rather coldly to get the mass of bodies in the room moving.

"Fetch a cleric...Do it quickly," was the simple, yet serious phrase she growled as she made her way to kneel between the unconcious man and Cynen. She looked both over quietly, ignoring a person's query when they asked "What about the Empath?" Silently she went about her work, first placing her hands over the chest of the injured, unconcious man, and letting a soft amber light radiate from her palms. The light crept outward, swirling about to cover every square inch of the man's body, and to pull his wounds from him; it literally looked as if the wounds were being peeled off, and sucked up into the light. And nevertheless, where the wounds had been, now was perfectly healthy whatever. ((i.e. body parts, skin...O.o..)) The methods in which the healing was being performed probably came across as unorthodox to those witnessing the event, but Aurora payed them no mind and kept to her work until the job was finished. Luckily for her, and for those present, a cleric arrived promptly, one which Aurora seemed to know, greeted, and even smiled slightly at.

Then effects began to set in...and Aurora's hand went to her side, as if there was a pain there, but there was no wound at all. She breathed in and turned her head in the process of disregarding the consequences of her work, and looked upon Cynen. She smirked lightly and lifted a hand, leaning on her other one for support, and a more goldish light drifted from her fingertips to him, giving him a sort of "energy boost" that would support him for the time being until he could get all his energy back on his own. Nicodemus appeared again and weaved his way around her arm, over her lap, around her back, and so forth in a sign of affection. She chuckled a bit light, which developed into a cough as she rolled to pushed herself up, using her hands. She stumbled a bit when first back on her feet, and did indeed wince. Rubbing her head and neck, she sniffed and sat down in the nearest available chair...and closed her eyes...going about the rest of the healing process.

Sunday, September 1, 2002

1:50PM - -=The intro of Akki=-

::Through all the excitement and uproar, not many could have noticed two golden eyes peering out from a dark corner up in the rafters glancing down to the crowd. As the dim light flickerd off of her, her clad-in-leather body could be seen, little or no body fat, a body that seemed as though it would never change.. as though she was a ceramic doll that was molded from her creators mind. Arms crossed over her torso, she looked almost like a lost child, posing no threat whatsoever.::

::Her shirt was a sleeveless black leather, which had a few belts and faseners for decortation, and had no "U" neck for a neckline, it simply going across her shoulders. The shirt's length ending to right above her naval. Right before each of her elbows there was a tight fitting silver ring around her bicep, then some sort of cloth looking closly to fishnets covering her elbows themselves, then another silver ring around her forearm to close the net. Her black leather pants had the same belt buckles and such, more than the shirt, they going all the way down the leg. Her shoes were thick heels that went to her knee.::

::She watched them all silently, her long raven black hair keeping itself neat and straight on her back, the dagger on the outside of her pants gleamed gentally::

((the ending of this discription was not as detailed because.. I gtg ^^; heh, but she's a human Rogue so.. yeah! later ^^ ))

12:44PM - Turn and Fire

At the sound of the scream, Cynen stood bolt upright and spun in a swirl of his cloak, his hands glowing bright blue. Others in the Inn drew weapons and spun towards the door. Cynen began to creep cautiously towards the door, a bright silver flash suddenly encircling him, then disappearing. He pushed individual chairs out of the way and motioned the others back as the sounds of fighting from outside grew closer.

The door flew open as a man from outside crashed into it and silhouetted in the door was a menacing figure that most who had travelled immediately recognized.

"ELDAR DEMON!" Illian shouted, dropping behind the bar. "EVERYONE DOWN!"

The shock of seeing one of the most feared and hated enemies enter into Wayside was enough to send most patrons, even expirienced travellers and warriors, to the ground. Cynen was not immune to the shock himself. He stood, dumbfounded, as the Demon and the man exchanged words, and then a few blows.

With a look of pure fury, Cynen got himself back under control and yelled to the Warriors who were beginning to assemble, "GET DOWN! NOW!"

His hands glowed bright blue as he raised them, saying a few quick words, and stretched them towards the demon. Instantly the Demon slowed down as Cynen's spell took effect. The man came around side the demon and, with a murderous punch, broke the now-mortal Demon's throat.

Cynen fell back onto his backside as the spell he just threw drained him immensly. The man who had just killed the Eldar Demon seemed to have the same happen to him. it was at that moment Cynen remembered the problem with that particular spell - though the body was made mortal, the Demon's spirit remained, and it sucked the life out of the new arrival. The spirit departed amongst spells thrown by other Mage's in the area and Cynen stood, breathing heavy, and rushed to the man's side.

He checked for a pulse, successfully finding one, although weak. "Get an Empath, now," he called weakly, drawing a white flask from inside his cloak, "and a cleric." From the flask he poured a clear liquid into the prone man's mouth - Keeper. The liquid bound the man to life for a bit longer than would normally be possible. Cynen's call for an empath was to bring in a healer, one who could absorb the man's wounds and then cure them himself. The cleric, on the other hand, was one of Pelor, the sun god's, servants. He could remove the demonic influence from the man's body before it totally consumed him.

In his last battle with an Eldar Demon, Cynen himself had been left in close to teh same condition as the New Arrival's. He knew what the man's mind was going through, dreams of pure hatred, fear, and pain. Each one more torturous than the last until one finally gave up - and became a Demon himself.

"This isn't going to happen again," muttered Cynen as he collapsed backwards, totally drained from the powerful spell and the part of his own Life Force he used to save the man.

2:15AM - Enter...Reeve Anlok

~Not but a few meters from the outside of the tavern, a loud cry of pain could be heard, shooting through an open window. The cry belonged to a man, sounding like he were in great pain. There was a loud crunch of something, as the doors swung open from the impact of a man of a muscular build, but not so much so he was muscle bound. Behind him walked a larger figure, about 6 feet tall, with a cloak wrapped around him. The figure wasn't human, that was for. In fact, the figure seemed demonic. The face was symmetrically deformed into a hellish looking human, eyes burning a bright red. No doubt this was some form of demon. It hunched over, reaching down a large claw to the man that was thrown in~

AGH! I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK! ~The man struggled a bit to get free of the monster's grasp wrapped tightly around his throat, but no luck~

"What He commands, is what He is given." ~The demon pulled the smaller man closer, a few inches from nose to nose~

Fine fine...but at least let me get an ale...~The creature growled as he heard this, releasing an odor from his mouth that could paralyze someone with...well...a shudder~ WHEW WEE! >.< MY GOD WHAT IS THAT SMELL!? You know, I was going to go back, but NO WAY am I traveling with you with that breath. ~Somehow the man managed to drop out of the demon's grasp, and spin along side of him to the back~ Have a seat...~the man shoved the creature into a chair with a well placed kick to his lower spine~ Agh...~the man was wounded from the throw into the Tavern, and held his side in pain~

"Ooof" ~The demon hit the chair, and began to turn around in it, however, he was a bit too late to finish his turn. That one man was what seemed instantly beside the creature~

I wanted my ale...but I guess since "He" won't let me, I'll just use you as my freedom pass for now...~with an accurate to the centimeter punch, the man had slammed his fist down into the demon's throat. The throat collapsed with the snapping of bones which wouldn't be in a human's neck, and the demon's physical being soon desintegrated, however, the more or less spiritual self of the creature remained, and used its last bit of life to suck a good bit of the one man's life out of him. The demon's spirit passed through the man's mouth, and exited through his nostrils. As soon as the spirit exited his body, it disappeared as smoke would, but the man grew dangerously pale in the process, and hanging onto just the smallest bit of life he could muster, he fell to the ground unconscious, though breathing~

((Now the description))
~The unconscious man was wearing a simple, long cloak. He had a bit more of a slave look to him otherwise. Around his neck was a collar that had the words: Reeve Anlok roughly scratched out on the surface of it. He had shoes, but they were probably the most simple in the room - just leather bags tightened around his feet. No doubt, this "Reeve Anlok" was a slave. The way he handled in his own in that fight, however, hinted that he hadn't been enslaved too long. He had short brown hair, a bit dusty from the fact it hadn't been washed in a while, and his eyes, though seen for a brief time in his consciousness, were a deep, forest green with just the slightest hint of blue to them. Other than his clothes, he had nothing, he was only a slave after all~

~But here Reeve was, unconscious, probably near death, and no doubtedly unsure where - in this strange land he fell into - he was. If left alone, he would eventually wake up, nicely rested, however, a more speedy recovery could be attained if a person would rush to his side and help~

Thursday, August 29, 2002

8:18PM - Log...

Cynen = Cynen, Lily = Aurora.

Cynen DeVale says:
Well...sorry about the reaction... its just dragons are fairly frightning to most of us around here.
Lily Marshall says:
Do you honestly suspect this little thing to do any frighteningly horrendous damage? **She leaned back in her chair and laughed**The little dragon, seeming to almost understand, let out a hit pitched dragon cackle that blended with her bell-like laughter.**
Cynen DeVale says:
Cynen smiled and shook his head. "I guess you haven't heard of the problem from last year, correct? The shape-shifting dragons? I was one of those that fought them off." *he pulled one arm out from under his cloak and pulled the back of his shirt down, showing her the start of a large, deep scar on his back*
Lily Marshall says:
Impressive scar. And No, I hadn't heard. I travel many places so I don't usually spend much time in a place for long. It gets...uninteresting.
Cynen DeVale says:
I wouldn't call it impressive. It reminds me every day of my failures. *he sighed lightly* But I think you'll find that Wayside has more intresting things than you could ever imagine.
Lily Marshall says:
Is that so? **she again raised an eyebrow. A kind of a habit for her, if you will.** And how is warding off shape shifting dragons a failure? It is wuite the feat.
Lily Marshall says:
Cynen DeVale says:
Its.. sort of painful to talk about.. suffice to say i lost family because i was not very wise at the time and this is what i got out of it. *he fidgeted with his hands a bit, brushing them together*
Lily Marshall says:
Oh. I see. I apologize then. Losing family is a great lose. **She looked down at the little dragon who began to "purr" when she stroked his head again**
Cynen DeVale says:
Well..now that my fears are at least slightly put to rest..*he glanced at his hands, which were slowly dimming* He is kinda cute. You said his name was Nicholas? Nicole?
Lily Marshall says:
Nicodemus. **She clucked her tongue against the roof of her mouth and the animal stood and stretch, greatly resembling a cat in the process. He then clambered up onto her arm, which she reached across the table towards Cynen** Pet him. **The miniature dragon chirped, and bobbed his head and neck up and down**
Cynen DeVale says:
*he reached out and stroked the dragon lightly* He is cute..*but quickly returned his hands together on the table, rubbing his fingertips against his palm*
Lily Marshall says:
**Nicodemus scuttled about in a quick circle upon her arm, then scrambled back up to her shoulder, nudging his muzzle happily against her cheek. She smiled a bit as the dragon began chewing on her hair**
Cynen DeVale says:
*he smiled at her and concentrated for a second, then pulled his hand away and offered her a gold ring similar to the one he was wearing* Here. These are very useful in.. stressful situations.
Lily Marshall says:
**She frowned at it, and held out her palm for him to drop it into** What do you mean by that? **she took hold of it and examined it closely**
Cynen DeVale says:
Put it on and give it a turn.
Lily Marshall says:
You make me weary, Mr. DeVale. I don't know what it is that I'm getting myself into.
Cynen DeVale says:
(wary is the word)
Lily Marshall says:
Cynen DeVale says:
Allright, I'll tell you then. Its a magic ring, exactly like mine. When you turn it, it resets. If you're out in the field and something happens, take it off and put it back on quickly and you'll return to wherever you reset it at.
Lily Marshall says:
I see...


**The woman raised a thin eyebrow which was half covered by the dusting of her silver bangs** "And what if wasn't my pet, Lord DeVale? What would you do to such a charming creature such as this?" **Her leaf green eyes danced in the light of the tavern a bit playfully, and ran her long, slender fingers over the slumbering dragon's back once more.**

**Before awaiting the reply, she chuckled jestingly and put his fears to rest** "Yes, good Sir...the creature is mine, and he is nothing to be feared unless put in a foul disposition. Even then he is too small to do much." **Again her fingers went over the soft spines...on her ring finger of her right hand, she wore a silver plated ring with a marvelous green stone that well matched her eyes.** "And his name is Nicodemus...if you care to know."

**Inspecting Cynen's expression from across the table, she smirked once more lightly, and leaned back to motion to the bartender. When he approached, she politely ordered a glass of silver meade, and once that task was completed, she began to survey the room and its inhabitants, momentarily forgetting the man sitting across the table. She grew interested in the dance floor and watched the jovial troop of people. Her hand stopped petting the little blue dragon, and he snapped awake to swerve his scaly neck around to peer up at her with the beady amber eyes.**

**After her fixation on the others ceased, she looked down to stare back down at the little lizard like animal in her lap.** "Sorry, Nicodemus..." **She scratched the unside of his jaw, and he made a rumble in his throat like that of a cat's purr.** "My...you sure are picky..."

6:30PM - Cynen's Entrance

As Aurora entered the tavern, a man in a dark green hooded cloak looked up from his ale. His jade eyes glittered as he watched her, seeing if his mind could place her with the many people he had seem come through those doors. Finding nothing in his memory, he stood. The cloak pulled off the stool and fell to his knees, accenting his tall, broad-shouldered frame. It brushed against the silk of the grey shirt he wore, elicting a slight rustle. His knuckles cracked as he pushed up, causing his hands, just for a split second, to let off a blue glow. The glow was a trait he inherited from his family, one that he was proud of, despite many being fearful and disapproving. It marked him as a natural born mage of the DeVale family. He nodded to the bartender once and set off across the room to the table the woman now occupied.

As he walked his smiled lightly at others gathered around. He was known to many in the Inn, for it was as a home for him as he made his many travels from place to place. The crowd smiled back and he stopped to talk briefly for a moment with a well-armed and armoured man.

"Evening, Jiniad. How was the hunt today?" he asked. The man looked up at his and replied a bit ruefully, "not so good. We were ambushed by a few kobolds. Nothing we couldn't handle, but by the time we were finished, it was time to return. We did find a few silver pieces of the kobs, though."

The man in the cloak chuckled and patted his friend on the shoulder. "Better luck tomorrow. I've been dying for that wonderful Leaper stew Illian always makes."

Jiniad shook his head. "Yes, better luck tomorrow. I best be going, I have to make Wehnimer's by nightfall."

As Jiniad left, the man seemed lost for a second, but then looked up with smile and continued across the hall toward the woman's table. He continued around a table and was suddenly caught up by a little girl tugging at his hand. "C'mon Cy! Let's dance!" she giggled and pulled on him with both hands. He looked down at her with a huge grin on his face. "Not right now Shae. I'll be here for awhile, so I'll take you up on that dance later tonight," he replied. "But Cyyyy..." the girl whined and appeared sullen, but then recovered, "We're still getting married, right?"

"Of course, Shae," the man replied, throwing the girl a wink. "We'll just wait 'til you're a little older than 12, ok?"

"Yeah yeah I know," Shae giggled again and let him go. "Last year you said when I was older than 11!"

The man shook his head a little bit and walked around the girl and approached the woman's table. As he finally reached it, he bent down to one knee, took her hand lightly, and kissed it. "Good evening, m'lady," he said, trying to hold his voice to formality and politeness, but then he broke into a grin. "What's a beautiful girl like you doin in a place like this?" He then whacked his forehead with his hand. "I can't believe I just said that..." he laughed. "I'm Cynen DeVale. Most call me Cy. I guess you'd say I'm Wayside's welcome party. I haven't seen you around here before Miss...?"

He made eye contact with her as she replied, "Firas. I'm Aurora Firas, and yes, this is my first time here."

"Well, welcome to Wayside. If you need any help, ask me or Illian. He's the bartender over there." Cynen glanced towards the bar where Illian was just bringing two mugs of ale towards them. "May I?" he asked, indicating the seat across from her.

As she nodded, his eye caught that of her pet dragon and he stiffened slightly, his hands beginning to glow a bit. "I'm hoping that's your pet and not something that snuck along with you, Miss Firas.."

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

9:21PM - **Whew**Barewithmehnow**

**Outside the Wayside tavern, a thin figure cloaked in a russet brown cape dismounted a sturdy, black horse. The horse itself was quite large, about seventeen and a half hands or so high, with a snow white blaze down its muzzle, and matching white "socks" on its feet. The rider loosely tied the reigns of the bridle about a wooden post outside the Inn. A hand extended from under the cape to affectionately pat the animals neck, as the figure turned and strode to the entrance of the Inn.**

**She entered the Inn quietly, and pushed back the large hood of her weighty cape. Once her face was exposed, curious forest green eyes darted about the inside of the tavern, and sepia locks tumbled out of the hood. However, the bangs framing the right side of her fair skinned face were silvery white, which added a bit individuality about her. She was of medium height...somewhere inbetween 5'6" and 5'8"...and seemed moderately thin, yet strong. Underneath her cinnamon cape, she was clad in a rather simple high neck emerald gown, with tight fitting sleeves that came to a point when they reached her knuckles. The rest of the dress was hemmed in gold thread, and about her waist was a goldish-tinted belt of an unknown fabric. On the belt were a few pouches, and a charm or two. The skirt of the dress came all the way down to the floor and covered her brown leather boots, which only came to about mid-shin.**

**As the woman came to sit down at one of the empty tables in the establishment, a slinky azure colored creature slithered out of her cape and curled up onto her lap. The little animal had a long, wiry tail, and a thin snout with surprisingly sharp jaws. His little beady amber eyes blinked and closed, as the little dragon, with indigo spikes down his spine, fell into sleep on the woman's lap. She looked down at the little dragon, known to her as Nicodemus, and smirked, stroking the animal's bendable spikes. Soon, the creature began to snore, which sounded more like little snort-hiccups than anything else.**

**The woman's name was Aurora Firas (feerus) and was in the habit of wandering from place to place without any real just cause. Just to wander, explore, and get a taste of life, you could say. She was a sweet girl most of the time, and only "vicious" when need be, though she had a sharp tongue at almost any time. She was pleasant enough to be around when in a good mood, and had a knack for music as well as magic. As she looked about at the other customers and travelers in the tavern, she tried reading their thoughts from their expressions...what she found to be a fun little pasttime.**

Sunday, August 18, 2002

11:14PM - The GM's Description

"Welcome to the Wayside Inn, a haven for all travelers in the Land of Elanthia!" a sign proclaims as you walk in the front doors of the large wood and stone building. Immediately your spirits are lifted at the jovial atmosphere surrounding you.
The music, played by a local bard with his flute has a light-hearted, street dance quality to it and flows through the room mixed with the hubbub of conversation and some general boasting from the other patrons. From the kitchen you can smell a side of ham cooking along with a twinge of some Herbs.

Across from where you enter you can see the bar, with ale and wine being served by a large man wearing brown trousers and suspenders to match. The dance floor is off to your left with many people dancing to the music being played. To your right seems to be an allotment of tables and booths arrayed so as to face the main area of the floor. Just to the right of the bar is a set of stairs leading upwards with a sign near them that reads "Rooms: 5 silver per night. See the Barkeep." You also notice a few curtained off alcoves on the far side of the room, each with a shield above it from some decorated hero. A few, however, have nothing above them, and instead just signs that simply read "Alcoves available. Inquire Within."

As you thread your way into the bar you become much more comfortable with your surroundings as it is not crowded once you get past the main entrance. You can hear two men quarreling loudly from the crowd you just passed through, but you decide to pay no mind to it. They'll take it outside if they must. You quickly settle into the place, weary from your travels, and decide that it's a good place to spend a few days or more resting.

((Out of Character Notes:

Welcome everyone to the Wayside Inn. At the time I created this, I couldn't think of anything better than FireStars (it was gonna be FireStars Tavern, but I scrapped that) so thats whats up with the URL.

What is this? This is a place to role-play, simply! Tell what your character does by making a post. If you want access, e-mail the GM (me) at wildride@evilnet.net.

What kind of roleplaying do we do? Freeform, of course! No dice involved, just don't be Cheesy. If you overcheese, the GM will step in and kill you in an interesting way. Then ban you from the Journal. ^_^. I don't forsee that happening, though. The GM is simply here to give the Inn's description and once in awhile drop what happens in the outside world for the characters to roleplay around. The GM also has a player character. Watch out for him. ^_^

What are the rules? Simply, HAVE FUN! And let everyone else have fun too! Don't cheese out on us, and if you MUST do Out of Character (OOC) stuff, use (( )) to tell us its OOC. K? K.

How do you post to it? Using the Web, just change your active journal. Using the download client, goto the LiveJournal menu, then Change Active Journal.

Have fun. :)

End Notes))

--The (Non-Existent) GM